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XKZ Exchange - Referral Programme

IMVU reseller program has ended

On May 14, 2015, the IMVU reseller program was discontinued by IMVU.
Now, IMVU credits can now only be bought at IMVU itself.
XKZ Exchange is no longer buying, selling or transferring IMVU credits, including all Earn programs (referral programme, daily giveaway and tweet for credits).
Thank you for your loyalty over the years and enjoy IMVU!

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How does it work?

  1. Enter your avatar name below and get your personal banner code (or link).
  2. Place your personal banner on your IMVU avatar page.
  3. Every time someone clicks your banner and buys credits from our website, you get 3% of their order! This means you get free credits!

Free credits given away so far:
2018: 8.475.916 free IMVU credits!

The only rule is that it does not work on yourself, i.e., you cannot refer yourself and get 3% more credits, it only works on other people.

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