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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you will find a list of frequently asked questions.
Please make sure that you have gone through this list, before contacting us with your question or issue.

  1. What is XKZ Exchange?

    XKZ Exchange is an official registered IMVU credits reseller, and was founded by IMVU member developer Rene2007, who has been buying and selling virtual currency since 2006. Over the past years we have completed hundreds of thousands of transactions and we have just as many satisfied customers. Our customers and our reputation are very important to us!

  2. Are you affiliated with IMVU?

    No, we are not directly affiliated with IMVU Inc., but we are an official reseller of IMVU credits.

  3. Are you an official reseller?

    Yes, we are an official reseller, which you can verify in this official IMVU forum post and the official Registered Resellers list.

  4. What are IMVU Credits?

    It is a virtual currency for the virtual world called IMVU. You can use it to buy clothes and other cool things such as, Hair, Eyes, Skin, Head and you can use the credits for the games in the IMVU environment.

  5. Do you ask my for my password?

    XKZ Exchange staff will *never* ask for your password. Also, we recommend changing your password frequently to protect your account. Finally, be careful about where you buy credits. IMVU and its authorized resellers will never ask for your password or require you to upload or buy a product in order to purchase credits. If you are asked to enter your password, always make sure that you see in your address bar.

  6. How do I buy Name Change tokens or Avatar Name tokens?

    Af of September 1st 2014, tokens are no longer sold at XKZ or any reseller, but can only be purchased at IMVU. Sorry!

  7. Are the IMVU credits transferred automatically?

    Yes, our system will automatically transfer your IMVU credits upon notification that the payment is complete.
    This is instant for all payment methods, except PayPal e-checks and wire transfers, they make take up to 5 days to process.

  8. Can I buy credits for someone else?

    Yes, you can buy credits for your friends as well, just fill in your friend's avatar name instead of your own, and he or she receives the credits instantly. Remember to enter your friend's avatar name correctly!

  9. What are your purchase limits?

    We don't have purchase limits on any of our payment methods, except PayPal, where the limit is EUR 50 per week. With all the other payment methods, you can buy as much as you want. Enjoy!

  10. I ordered credits, but have not yet received them. Why?

    If you ordered credits, they will immediately be sent to your IMVU avatar account after we receive payment. If for some reason your credits do not show up, please first make sure that you log out of your account, close all browser windows and then login to your account again.
    - If you have used Paysafecard, you can check the status of your card at the Paysafecard website.
    - In case of a Mobile/SMS payment via Zong/PayPal Buy with Mobile, you can verify your order via Zong/PayPal customer support at the Zong website.
    - In case of a mobile or landline phone payment through MoPay, you can visit the MoPay website and use My MoPay to track your phone payments.
    If you are still convinced that you have payed and Zong/PayPal has confirmed so, but haven't received the credits, you can contact us. You should however always provide us with full payment information, including the avatarname, payment method, date and time. In case of a mobile or landline phone transaction, you should also provide the mobile transaction ID which you obtained through the mobile payment service provider.

    If you have payed, we 100% guarantee delivery of your credits!

  11. What happens if I enter an incorrect avatar name?

    We have a system which checks if the given avatarname exists in the virtual world. However, if you accidentally entered an existing avatar name which is not yours, then it is your responsibility to contact the person in question to get your credits. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to get your credits back, we are not responsible for your typing errors.

  12. How can I earn free credits?

    You can earn free IMVU credits with the XKZ Referral Programme. Enter your avatar name and your email to get your personal banner code (or link). Place your personal banner on your IMVU avatar page, on Facebook or somewhere else on the internet and every time someone clicks your banner and buys credits, you get 3% of their order! This means you get free credits!

  13. Do you also sell IMVU VIP accounts or Access Pass?

    No, we do not. VIP and Access Pass can only be bought at IMVU itself, as they have to verify your identity.

  14. My country is not listed under Mobile/SMS. Why?

    Mobile payments are available in over 50 countries, covering over 90% of the world. If your country is not listed, it means that it is not available, sorry!

  15. Questions/Contact us

    If you have any questions regarding this FAQ or our service, please contact us.